A thought-provoking editorial from Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber, about the need for a new (or third) classification of worker to be created under the law. It would involve pulling from both the employment and independent contractor models and creating a new hybrid class of workers that makes sense for our gig economy.

In my practice, I’ve come to the conclusion that certain desires and priorities of the modern day workforce (e.g., greater flexibility, autonomy) are on a collision course with our system of employment laws that has its origins in the 1930’s or earlier–work environments that were vastly different from many today.

Unfortunately, the topic has become so politicized, I fear that we won’t be able to make rational compromises that balance various needs and interests. Whether one agrees with the specifics of Mr. Khosrowshahi’s plan or not, I think it’s a conversation overdue for serious discussion.